Small Business Accounting in Cleveland

Small business acccounting you can rely on.

Our full-service, small business accounting services can help you save money and increase productivity.

We’ve helped large and small businesses implement leading cloud accounting software and turn their financial reports into a business plan for healthy growth.

Our Small Business Accounting Services Are Perfect For:

Law Firms

Construction Companies


Auto Shops

Our Team of Experienced, Friendly Accountants Can Help You:

Process Accounts Payable 

Never worry about another invoice again.

With our streamlined accounts payable services, your vendors will be paid on time – every time. We can also set up internal controls to protect you against fraud or duplicate payments. Part of our small business accounting services also includes optimizing and automating appropriate aspects of your accounts payable.

Manage Accounts Receivable

Our small business accountants will ensure you always have enough capital by preventing overdue or avoided payments. We offer a broad range of small business accounting services, including accounting and bookkeeping, so you have the organized data and actionable insights you need to be financially healthy.

Our accounts receivable management services include:

  • Setting up a streamlined invoicing system.
  • Gathering data for invoices.
  • Creating approval workflows for outgoing payments.
  • Sending invoices to customers after approval.
  • Following up on invoices after 30, 60, and 90-day periods.
  • Collection calls to customers.

Reconcile Bank Statements

Our small business accounting services will reconcile your company’s income and outflow to your account balances and financial statements.

Entering and reconciling your bank accounts can be tedious and time-consuming. Our team of experienced business accountants will handle account reconciliations for all of your company’s bank accounts, leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business.

Track & Manage Cash Flow

Our small business accountants will track your cash flow in order to deliver sound financial forecasting. With accurate cash flow data, you’ll be able to make better, strategic decisions.

Accurate cash flow management can help you:

  • Anticipate when, where, and how your cash needs occur.
  • Utilize the best sources of cash for your business.
  • Meet cash flow needs through our solid partnerships with banks and creditors.
  • Obtain a suitable line of credit for your business.
  • Implement cash collection acceleration strategies.
  • Use effective, proven collection methods.

Process Employee Payroll

Our team of employee payroll experts will make sure taxes, health benefits, retirement distributions, garnishments, and other types of withholdings are processed accurately and on time. Our small business accounting services will make sure year-end tax preparation is a breeze, with 1099s, W-2s, and other tax forms sent out accurately and on time.

Our outsourced payroll accounting can help you:

  • Process employee payroll and issuing paychecks.
  • Record employee pay and benefits in your company’s accounting ledger.
  • Ensure accurate withholding of payroll taxes.
  • Make payments on behalf of your company to appropriate tax authorities.
  • Manage employee benefit contributions and withholdings.
  • Maintain your company’s compliance with payroll reporting regulations.

Prepare for IRS Audits

Whether it’s tax laws, tax planning, or punctual tax returns, our accountants are here to make sure your tax season ends well.

Our skilled small business accountants communicate with the IRS on behalf of your company, helping you prepare, file, and submit the necessary documents. We can also provide audit support and strategies to ensure the best possible outcome.

Understand Financial Reporting

We can help you understand your balance sheet, income statement, and monthly and quarterly financial transactions so you can make profitable business decisions.

In addition to cash flow projections and other financial KPIs, we’ll examine your four major financial statements:

  1. Income statement
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Statement of cash flow
  4. Statement of owner’s equity

The CAFS Difference

Modern Technology

We use today’s tech to streamline time-intensive tasks, including receipt entry and invoice filing. Integrating technology into your business can help you spot opportunities to cut expenses, grow your profits, and avoid penalties.

Authentic Relationships

We like to say, “We work with people, not numbers.”

While we’re passionate about accurate numbers and error-free balance sheets, we focus on creating long-lasting relationships to help our clients grow their business.


Proactive Insights

Tax laws and regulations change. Constantly. Because we automate many repetitive tasks, we can keep up-to-date on regulatory changes and industry trends to advise you on the best course of action for your business.

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